Colombia La Pacifica

Dark Chocolate • Blackberry • Graham Cracker

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La Pacifica Dark is a true dark roast dream. This Colombian is perfect for those of us who take our coffee with cream (or nut milk!). You’ll taste a chocolate forward cup with hints juicy ripe blackberries and a sweet graham cracker. 

The Dripkit: Fresh pour over coffee in an easy to use brewer. Each single serve packet contains 17g of roasted and ground coffee and makes a 10oz cup. No prep or clean up. Just add water!

No equipment necessary
Travel ready
Freshly Roasted
Packed to order

La Pacifica, The Peaceful

La Pacifica was named after those perfect mornings when we wake up clear and rested, savoring each sip of coffee while thinking about the day that lies ahead. Lately, peaceful mornings can be harder to come by so we created La Pacifica as a reminder to start the day off with kindness.

La Pacifica Dark

  • Grown by smallholder farms
  • Huila, Guatemala
  • Dark Roast
  • Blackberry, Graham Cracker, Dark Chocolate

Bringing your favorite coffee shops home

Customer Reviews

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Kevin C.

La Pacifica - Dark Roast

Michael J.K.
Great coffee

Very nice cup of coffee, smooth and rich.

Prepare to have your mind blown

I've had pour-over before and it was good, even very good, but this experience is completely next -level. I feel like I have brand new tastebuds.. Never, have I ever been able to taste all the notes in a blend, however now I am clearly getting apple and chocolate and a hint of floral. WOW.

Great Coffee

I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. I travel a lot for work, have very early starts to the day, and with the current climate of infection prevention, hotel services and amenities are notably reduced.

So, having tried a myriad of other travel coffee options, I had resigned myself to having mediocre coffee on those rushed mornings. But, no more! Easy to pack, GREAT cup of coffee (La Pacifica Dark).

Very pleasantly surprised, and recommeneded. Only two detractors... and not enough to deter me.... A little spendy, and it does take a little while for a whole cup to brew through. Right now, all worth it.

Spreading the love

I saw your story on the Today Show a few months ago.
Love that you followed your dream.
I hope you patented your design, it is amazing.
I started with the donation to health care workers and have placed a few more orders for myself. I have shared your story and DripKits with my friends.
I just placed another order so I can give them as stocking stuffers.
Happy Holidays!

How It Works

Each Dripkit contains a single-use paper brewer filled with 17g of coffee. Brew the perfect cup of coffee in just two minutes, with no prep or clean up.

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