How to Dripkit

Step 1

Boil water.

Coffee is best brewed with 195-205° water.

Step 2

Tear the blue strip.

Hold upright so the grounds don’t spill.

Step 3

Push the Dripkit to open.

Notches on either end of the dripper will fit over the edges of the cup.

Step 4

Slowly, fill the Dripkit to the top.

Let drain completely.

Step 5

Fill the brewer to the top 3 more times.

For a total of four complete pours.

Step 6

Enjoy your first sip.

And pack another Dripkit for the road.

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Expert Tips :)


Coffee is best brewed with water between 195-205°. Water boils at 212°, so let it sit for 30 seconds before pouring for the perfect temperature.


Saturate the coffee grounds with hot water for 30 seconds. This allows them to expand and releases excess carbon dioxide before you pour.