How We Make A Dripkit

1. Coffee is grown

The first step to making a Dripkit is sourcing green coffee. We buy our coffee from small family-owned farms and co-ops around the world. We believe in working with farms that support living wages for their workers and are passionate about creating an equitable global coffee trade.

2. Locally roasted in San Diego, CA

Our green coffee (non-roasted) is then shipped to San Diego, CA where our partners roast our coffees weekly to order on a Loring roaster. We prefer roasting on a Loring because we find the taste to be very clean and that the roasted coffees stay fresher, longer!

3. Packed + sealed by hand

At this point, all of the roasted coffees make their way to Dripkit HQ where our production team will grind, pack, and seal each Dripkit with 17g of coffee on our custom assembly line. All Dripkits are made to-order, so they are as fresh as possible when they arrive at your door.

4. Shipped to you to enjoy!

This is the best part! You now get to enjoy all of the hard work that went into making your Dripkit. Simply tear, place, and pour hot water to brew a delicious cup of coffee that you’ll want to bring into your daily routine.