Our first coffee comes from a family owned farm in Huehuetenango, Guatemala.

La Basa, Single Origin

La Basa is grown on La Esperanza, a family farm run by 11 brothers and sisters. The beans are hand washed and fermented for 24 hours before being sun-dried. We love this coffee for its balance. It's rich without being overpowering and has hints of lime, cherry and chocolate. It was clear from the moment we tasted it, this was the coffee for Dripkit.

Why Direct Trade?

It's important to have a strong relationship with coffee producers. This not only leads to a better tasting coffee, but also better wages, working conditions and opportunities for the farmers and their communities.

The Roasting Process

All of our coffee is roasted in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Each batch is roasted to maximize the flavor profile of the bean we selected. Our coffee then travels down the block to our studio, where we grind and seal each packet to order.

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