How to Make an Iced Pour Over

Did you know that making an iced pour-over coffee is just as easy as a hot cup? Here's the 411 on how to make an iced Dripkit for those extra balmy days. 


  1. A oversized mug or mason jar
  2. Hot water
  3. Ice cubes
  4. A Dripkit (we recommend a medium or dark roast like Chameleon)  


  1. Add ice cubes to your mug. Leave a little space so you don't have an overflowing situation.
  2. Set your Dripkit on mug with ice.
  3. Heat your water to 205 degrees. Our electric gooseneck kettles will automatically turn off at this temperature for you — easy!
  4. Bloom the coffee in your Dripkit with a quick first pour to wet the grounds. Wait 45 seconds. The boiling water helps release built up carbon dioxide in the coffee.
  5. Pour baby pour. Finish up with an additional two pours to fill up your coffee.
  6. Finish it off with some more ice and your favorite creamer!