How to Make a Perfect Pour Over

Whether you're a brewmaster or a pour-over novice, we have the deets on how to perfect your pour-over!

 1. Heat your water to the right temperature

Heat your water to the ideal temperature of 205°F. Our Hario Electric Kettles heat to the perfect temperature – but if you don't have a way of keeping temperature, boil your water and let it sit for 30 seconds with the heat off before pouring.

2. Measure your coffee 

You're going to want the perfect ratio of ground coffee to water. Our coffee is freshly ground in our Brooklyn HQ and sealed into our packets which stay barista-quality fresh for 90 days. This eliminates you from having to grind OR measure your coffee. The ideal ratio to follow is a 1:17 coffee to water ration. Our brewers follow this ratio – containing 17g of coffee to make a 10 oz cup.

3. Bloom baby bloom

Your first pour is known as a bloom. By pouring just enough water to saturate the grounds and waiting 30 seconds, you allow the C02 to be released from coffee grounds. Once the off-gassing has finished, the grounds will absorb water easier – leading to more flavorful coffee!

4. Perfect your pour

This is where having the perfect kettle comes in handy. Having a goose-neck kettle like our Hario Electric Kettle allows for a steady, even pour. 

Pour in a slow, steady spiral from center to the edges. Keep the coffee grounds fully saturated from start to finish until you’ve used your allocated amount of water or filled your Dripkit to the top four times.