Coffee Composting 101

One of the most important steps that may be missing in your daily coffee routine is composting! Whether you’re taking care of a garden or trying to start your own compost pile, coffee grounds are the perfect organic resource to incorporate.

The Benefits:

  1. Coffee grounds are high in nitrogen, which provides nutrients for the soil and microorganisms that help decompose waste.
  2. They’re non-acidic with a pH level around 6.5-6.8 (most of the acidity is left in the actual coffee you drink!)
  3. They can also help repel slugs and snails in your garden!

How to Compost:

  1. Make yourself a Dripkit and enjoy while leaving the coffee grounds to cool.
  2. Add coffee grounds to your composting pail or bucket.
  3. For quicker composting, add some carbon-rich “browns” (dead leaves, twigs, branches) to your nitrogen-rich “greens” (coffee grounds, produce waste, grass clippings) at a ratio of about 25:1.
  4. Stir or turn over the pile every once in a while to introduce oxygen (reduces smell too).
At Dripkit, our partnership with Edgemere Farms allows us to deliver our used coffee grounds for composting to help them grow food for the local community. To all coffee-drinkers out there, happy Earth Day and happy composting!