VARIETY PACK Dripkit Variety Pack!


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Our Single Origin coffees are sourced from small farms all over the world and roasted in Brooklyn, NY. Explore a variety of coffees by starting each morning with something new.

The variety pack includes 10 Dripkits, a mix of all our current offerings. We’ll send you a mix of what is in stock and delicious.

A few coffees that may come in your variety pack:

  • Guatemalan Aguas Altas
  • Colombian El Mirador Dark 
  • Colombian El Mirador Light 
  • Stumptown Holler Mountain
  • Verve Seabright

The Dripkit: Fresh pour over coffee in an easy to use brewer. Each single serve packet contains 17g of roasted and ground coffee and makes a 10oz cup. No prep or clean up. Just add water!

*Please note, Variety Packs are subject to change based on what is fresh and in stock! We will send you 10 of our freshest coffees, you will always receive at least 3 different coffees. 

No equipment necessary
Travel ready
Freshly Roasted
Packed to order

How It Works

Each Dripkit contains a single-use paper brewer filled with 17g of coffee. Brew the perfect cup of coffee in just two minutes, with no prep or clean up.

  • Tear

  • Place

  • Pour

Our Coffees

We hand pick coffees from small farms and cooperatives all over the world. Our Head of Coffee, Gabe, has been sourcing coffees for over 17 years and has built relationships with farmers who take pride in their craft and grow each coffee with care.

What You'll Taste

Our variety pack coffees range from light roast to dark roast and are grown on farms in Central America and Africa. This pack is perfect introduction to Dripkit and hopefully to your new favorite coffee!

  • Single origin, consciously sourced
  • Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia
  • Light, Medium + Dark Roasts

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Rich and Flavorful

We used to use Nespresso to make coffee at home - but Dripkit tastes WAY better and is even easier. It doesn’t have the bitterness that other quick coffee usually has, and is very rich and flavorful. Also easy to pack for a trip.

David R.
My best cup

When I am on the go, Dripkit is so convenient, and the quality is fantastic. The flavor and aroma is as good as a high end americano made by my local barista

Eric P.
A wonderful surprise

I enjoy pour over coffee very much. I saw the add for the Dripkit and thought why not give it a try. I am so very glad that I did, they are extremely good. You must give them a try.

Love the Dripkit

I’m really enjoying the variety of flavors in my Dripkit. It so good that I’ve already reordered.

Noel Y.
Couldn't Be Happier

The coffee's great and the drip kits are so convenient! We're addicted to our Dripkits!

How It Works

Each Dripkit contains a single-use paper brewer filled with 17g of coffee. Brew the perfect cup of coffee in just two minutes, with no prep or clean up.


Every cup of coffee you make can taste delicious. Make a Dripkit in the morning, afternoon or on-the-go and never suffer bad coffee days again. Follow along @dripkitcoffee!

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