Introducing Panama Geisha!

What’s a Panama Geisha?

Panama Geisha coffees have a worldwide cult following and are a true coffee lover’s coffee best enjoyed as a pour over. Combined with the accessibility of Dripkit, Café Unido is bringing Panama Geisha coffee into your home for the first time ever for everyone to enjoy. Their unique flavors make them the most highly prized in the world, and some have even sold for over $100 a cup. Panama Geishas are floral and fruity, and unlike anything else. This coffee tastes so damn good because of the rich conditions of the wild Panamanian jungle where it is now grown and cultivated. The varietal originated in the Gesha region of Ethiopia and made its way to Panama in the 1960s.

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Café Unido

Panama had one of the best coffees in the world and no place to drink it locally. Inspired by this premise, the first Café Unido opened its doors in 2014 in the city of Panama with a clear goal: provide a space for Panamanians to learn about and appreciate coffee grown by local producers. Café Unido highlights the distinct terroirs, regions, micro lots, varietals and processes of its nation’s most beloved export while at the same time giving back to coffee-growing regions.

How to enjoy Café Unido’s Perci Geisha

Start by smelling this coffee. Brew slowly, noting how the scent changes from green grass to burnt sugar to stone fruit. The Perci Geisha hits you first with dried bing cherry and quickly transitions into rum raisin. After your first sip, you’ll swear you just ate a chocolate covered raisin! Drinking this coffee is an event. Take time to savor the unique flavors that make Panama Geishas some of the most highly coveted coffees in the world. 

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