Morning Routines with Ilana Kruger

We interviewed our founder, Ilana Kruger, to learn about the head and heart behind Dripkit and the morning routine that propels our company forward. 


We've drank a lot of coffee together in the past year and a half. Tell me, what's your favorite way to make a Dripkit and your favorite order at a cafe? 

I'm a pretty classic gal when it comes to my pour overs, I take my Dripkit hot with a splash of whole milk. When I'm at a cafe it's always a cortado. Hot in the winter, iced in the summer ;)


You're a water sign and ocean lover who spent the last month going for a DAILY ocean dip. Was this the first step in your morning routine? Can you tell us more about what your mornings look like?

Since moving to California my mornings are much more nature focused. I love waking up early so I can have a leisurely start to the day that usually consists of a jog along the ocean and sitting and enjoying my coffee in the backyard while doing the NYT crossword.


I've been lucky enough to see the behind the scenes of how much love and energy you give to Dripkit. How do you balance Dripkit and being a part time mermaid? 

Haha, a part time mermaid, I love it ;) I think having a healthy work life balance is super important for our physical and mental health. It's taken some time to figure out the best balance but having a solid morning routine definitely helps. It feels like a separation between play time and work time.


Dripkit was created after you'd been working on a permaculture farm and didn't have access to tasty coffee. As an entrepreneur with an artistic and creative background, do you find yourself thinking of solutions in your daily life often? What has been your most recent idea?

I love creative and design thinking and am always drumming up little improvements and hacks. I recently moved into a new apartment and its very cute and very small so lately all my ideas are around multi-use furniture!


We have 3 months until 2024. Is there something you're hoping to add or subtract from your routine in the coming year? 

Even more nature. Moving to California has been a huge gift and I am very grateful to be so close to the ocean. You mentioned my month of daily ocean dips, next year I'd love to up that to two months of daily ocean dips and take full advantage of my vicinity to the Pacific.