A note from Ilana on the future of Dripkit

2020 was a big year of growth for Dripkit, and we have our amazing customers to thank for the success we have achieved. As we move forward in the new year we are focusing on how to continue that success in a way we can all be proud of. For us that means a business that prioritizes our employees, our environment, and our community. Starting February 1st, we will be implementing a 20% price increase which will allow us to work towards actualizing these goals. By shopping with Dripkit you will be helping shape the futures of our employees, create environmentally conscious products, and address food injustice in our communities. 

Our People

Since day one, each Dripkit that you’ve purchased has been made by hand, by real people, in our small production facility in Brooklyn, NY, and as we’ve grown so has our staff. Whether it’s making Dripkits or creating hilarious coffee memes, we believe every job at Dripkit should be a good job. This means higher wages, comprehensive benefits, and more growth paths for each of our employees as well as an equitable and safe work environment so they can lead happy and fulfilling lives.

Our Planet & Product

It has always been our goal to make Dripkit as eco-friendly as possible, but due to the way the industry is built, it’s pretty difficult for a small CPG company to have the purchasing power of a huge behemoth like Coca-Cola or Unilever. We aim to create the most eco-friendly product possible without sacrificing quality and be a part of the future of innovative materials by investing in research to understand the lifecycle and traceability of all the materials we use. 

Our Community

We aim to be accountable in our communities and reckon with the systemic forces that disproportionately impact Black and POC bodies—especially when it comes to food insecurity and food deserts. For us this means committing more of our resources to urban farming initiatives & composting programs that give back to the communities that house and support us, continuing to support local community fridges, and increasing awareness and education around food injustice.

We are committed to building a company that takes care of our people, communities and planet. We hope, in turn, you can continue to feel proud to support Dripkit. By increasing our prices, we are laying the foundation for all of our stakeholders (customers, supply chain, and employees) to live happy, stable, and fulfilling lives. 


Ilana Kruger

Founder & CEO