Dripkit Drip and Sip Combo

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A 10-pack box of our most popular roast + our favorite mug to Dripkit with.

The Hasami mug has become an icon at Dripkit HQ. It’s our favorite mug to make Dripkits with, so we wanted to share it with you. Feels great in your hands and fits a Dripkit perfectly on top. These mugs are handmade in Hasami, Japan using 400 year old ceramic techniques.

This kit includes a box of our most popular Dripkit medium roast, Guatemalan Aguas Altas and a handmade Hasami Porcelain mug.

  • 10 Single Origin Aguas Altas Dripkits
  • Hasami Porcelain 13oz gloss grey mug 

Customer Reviews

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Perfect Holiday Travel Companion

Indispensable tool for Thanksgiving travel. Friends and family were super jealous of my new on-the-go coffee buddy!

Love this company

Love this company and it’s product. In the past few months I have taken my Dripkits camping with me in the San Juan Islands, stuffed them in my suitcase for my travels in Israel, and keep them as a back up when I’m home and run out of my own home roasted beans. Keep up the great work, Dripkit!

Great Coffee

One of the best drip coffee I ever had!!!

Great coffee

Great coffee in an easy to use package. Much better than standing in line in our local Starbucks for a subpar cup. I can't wait to take this with me on my next trip to have a good coffee option in my hotel room.


Love everything about dripkit. Great taste and great convenience for the coffee snobs and generalist alike.


Dripkits can be used for almost any occasion, event, or even just as your everyday morning cup of coffee. See how Dripkits are used at @dripkitcoffee

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