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Barista quality pour over, anytime. Each single serving brewer contains 15g of roasted and ground coffee. No prep or clean up. Just add water!

TASTING NOTES:  Juicy honeydew, rich caramel, and black currant Learn More
No equipment necessary
Travel ready
Freshly roasted in Brooklyn, NY
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Grown in the Clouds

Kanake was grown on a picturesque farm nestled between tea fields and low-laying clouds in the mountains of Kiambu County, Kenya. Komothai Coffee Growers is a cooperative and community that is owned and run jointly by its members, who share its profits and benefits. The co-op is located just north of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital.

Kenyan Kanake

Bright and complex, we lightly roasted Kanake in small batches to elevate its sweet flavor. This is the perfect coffee to perk you up on a brisk fall day.

  • Single origin, consciously sourced
  • Kiambu County, Kenya
  • Light Roast
  • Bright and complex with notes of juicy honeydew, rich caramel, and black currant

How It Works

Each Dripkit contains a single-use paper brewer filled with 15g of coffee. Brew the perfect cup of coffee in just two minutes, with no prep or clean up.


Dripkits can be used for almost any occasion, event, or even just as your everyday morning cup of coffee. See how Dripkits are used at @dripkitcoffee

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