Panama Café Unido Perci Panama Geisha

Cherry • Rum Raisin • Chocolate • Green Apple

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The most interesting and fun coffee you will ever taste. Café Unido’s Perci Geisha's natural fermentation process, meaning that this coffee was dried with the cascara coffee cherry on, really brings out the fruitiness and floral notes of this coffee. Panama Geishas are some of the most sought-after and beloved coffees in the world and Perci does not disappoint. Tasting a Panama Geisha is an experience that often comes priced at up to $100 a cup, with our collaboration with Café Unido, this experience has never been more accessible.

Drinking this coffee is a journey; you’ll start tasting dried bing cherry and quickly transition to rum raisin. At the end of the first sip, you’ll swear you just ate a chocolate covered raisin.

Learn more about Panama Geisha’s here

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Grown in Panama
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Introducing Café Unido

Ninety Plus Panama Perci Geisha

Ninety Plus began developing coffee estate farms on Panama’s best coffee lands in 2009 to cultivate Geisha, a coffee variety originally from the wild forests of Ethiopia. They are committed to restoring Panamanian forests and increasing biodiversity in the process. This naturally fermented coffee is like nothing you’ve tasted before and is sensory overload for your palette.

  • Single origin, direct from the jungles of Panama
  • Ninety Plus Coffee
  • Naturally Fermented Light Roast
  • Dried Bing Cherry, Rum Raisin, Dark Chocolate, Green Apple

Customer Reviews

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Carnoline M.

Café Unido Perci Panama Geisha


I thought how can I be getting a geisha at this price. Is this legit? Well, it's legit. Dripkit's description of "sensory overload" is more than appropriate. My entire kitchen smelled amazing even before making the coffee - just the dripkit being opened and set up on top of the mug. And then the actual cup of coffee, well, this was certainly a treat. I'm accustomed to drinking single origin light roasts and although this is a "naturally fermented light roast", this brew (not sure if it's characteristic of Panamanian beans or the roasting process) was definitely more robust (richer) than my I prefer. For my next cup, I increased the water from 8 oz to 10 oz and I was very pleased with the outcome. Very complex cup, just a ton going on, with several layers of flavor and it changes as it cools, in fact, when completely cool, it's all dark chocolate. $8/cup = mind blown. Highly recommended.

Daniel H.
Tasty Coffee

I like it. I like it a lot.



David C.
Café Unido Perci Panama Geish

I I traveled the world and had some of the world’s best coffee and Café Unido Perci Panama Geish is by far the most smooth coffee I ever drank.

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